November 2021
Why I Dare Call Myself Spinster: The Single Supplement

June 2021
Writing From the Spinster’s Perspective: Jane Friedman Blog

June 2021
Interview on Australian Singledom vs. US Singledom, for Onely.Org
Deconstructing Stereotypes About Single People

May 2020
Six Sentences for the Future: ArtsHub

April 2020
Five Things About Solitude: ArtsHub

Mortality’s Hour, Griffith Review 68: Getting On

Venetian Red, The Road Less Travelled, Better Read Than Dead

Twelve Days in Australia,

Winning Bibles, Huffington Post (Under the title: A Priest, in Good Faith, Told Me Not to Become a Catholic)

Hornets of the Heart, Big Issue Fiction Edition

Orphan of Our Nation’s History, Southerly, Vol. 74, No. 2

An Inch at a Time, Southerly, Vol. 74, No. 3

When The Mountain Moved Inside, Jukebox, Out of the Asylum Publishing

A Slip of Eternity, EXT2012: Writing Inspired by Music, edited by Miriam Zolin, Extempore

Where Gods Rush In, Fish Anthology 2012, Fish Publishing Ireland

The Weight of A Child, Island, no 121, winter


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In conversation with Jody Day of Gateway Women, UK

ABC The Drum (last 10 mins)

Yarra Valley Writers Festival 2022

Yarra Valley Writers Festival 2020

Dymocks Chapter One

Studio 10

Fireside Conversations with Crones

Spinster Masterclass

In conversation with Tracey Spicer for

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Readings Books: in conversation with Donata Carrazza (Australia)

Creation in Isolation: ArtsHub (Australia)

BBC4 Woman’s Hour (UK)

Childless Not By Choice podcast: in conversation with Civilla Morgan  (Florida, USA)

New Legacy Institute Radio: in conversation with Christine Erickson (California, USA)Spinsterhood

Spinsterhood Reimagined podcast: in conversation with Lucy Meggeson (London, UK)